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manufacturer_53_1.jpg?time=1603237660GERnetic International offers the highest quality French professional cosmetics for face and body care, designed to meet even the most demanding needs. For over 30 years, GERnetic laboratories have been using modern high-tech technologies, thanks to which they are at the forefront of manufacturers. The unique formula of the preparations, based on the latest achievements in biotechnology, enables their unique ability to penetrate deep into the body. The active ingredients include plant extracts, vitamins, microelements, amino acids, and precious oils. Their 100% naturalness and international approvals guarantee the safety of products and optimal results without the risk of allergies. The preparations bring difficult-to-obtain, very positive results in face and head care, including difficult cases, i.e. burns, discoloration, alopecia. Also in body and breast care, they effectively support body shaping, reduce cellulite, are also invaluable in the case of burns or sagging skin.