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manufacturer_17_1.jpg?time=1603115454Afrodita Cosmetics is a Slovenian company that has been producing the best quality professional cosmetics designed for work in beauty salons for over 40 years. From the beginning, the focus was on the development and production of cosmetic products whose formulas must be based on the predominance of active ingredients of plant origin. Currently, synthetic substances have been almost completely replaced with natural ingredients thanks to the use of the results of scientific research on the effects of numerous plant substances. Afrodita cosmetics are products that contain only active ingredients of plant origin, do not contain paraffin oils, petroleum jelly or silicones, are not protected with artificial preservatives, do not contain synthetic dyes, are based on vegetable emulsifiers, and are not tested on animals. Kozmetika Afrodita products are dermatologically, chemically and microbiologically tested, and their quality is also confirmed by international institutes.