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Cell Fussion C

Cell Fusion C preparations were created after many years of research based on the development of aesthetic medicine and cosmetology. On their basis, an innovative TDDS (Trans Dermal Delivery System) was created, which thanks to deep penetration of active ingredients guarantees the highest effectiveness. These products are used in offices by plastic surgeons, aesthetic medicine physicians, dermatologists and cosmetologists. 

Laboratory Cell Fusion C created an innovative formula for transporting active ingredients deep into the skin. The first is the so-called CMS Dual Liposome Technology. It consists in enclosing each active ingredient contained in the product in a double liposome envelope. The second technology, the so-called "Nanoparticles", are microscopic particles with a diameter of up to 100 nanometers. These particles are 200 times smaller than human cells and therefore have better ability to penetrate deeper layers of the skin than components traditionally used in other cosmetics. The combination of these two technologies guarantees the highest effectiveness and safety.  The composition of Cell Fusion C cosmetics is free of any fragrances, emulsifiers, dyes, lanolin and mineral oils.

In 2010 the brand was awarded the Aesthetic Dermatology Pearls Award by the Association of Aesthetic Dermatologists for the best preparation used after aesthetic medicine treatments for Cell Fusion C - Laser Rejuvenation.